Are you interested in scuba diving but not sure where to start? The Muskingum County Family YMCA and Pneuma Scuba can help you with that. They offer several classes to start you on your scuba diving path. Our scuba PADI certified scuba instructors love what they do and are friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful. We look forward to meeting you and having you become part of our scuba diving family.

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Discover Scuba

Have you always been curious about scuba diving but don’t want to fully commit to becoming a certified open water diver yet? We offer discover scuba classes. During this course you will spend an hour in the pool with scuba diving gear on exploring the world of scuba diving. You will have the opportunity to see what it’s like to breath underwater and learn some skills along the way. This is a good introductory course to see if you are interested in becoming a fully certified open water scuba diver.

This class is for adults and children ages 10+.

Fee for our discover scuba class is: $60.00

-We will bring all equipment needed for the class. You only need to show up, bring a towel, swim shirt and shorts. (we do not recommend bathing suits as a swim shirt and shorts seem to be more comfortable when scuba diving.).

Bubble Makers

This is a great way to introduce children to the world of scuba diving. Bubble Maker is like a playground under water for children. During this class, children ages 8 to 15 will be swimming through obstacle courses, and doing an underwater scavenger hunt all while wearing scuba gear and breathing from a regulator.

-all equipment is included.

-bring a towel and a swimsuit and a smile

-kids do not have to be good swimmers to participate but do have to be comfortable in the water.

-Each course is about an hour long

-Parents are welcome and encouraged to sit on the bleachers near the pool and watch as their kiddos enjoy this Bubble Maker class. 

Fee for this class is $60.00

Open Water Certification Course

Pneuma scuba diving is looking forward to introducing you to the beautiful world of scuba diving. Let us help you become a certified scuba diver so that you can enjoy the beautiful world that awaits you under the water. There are several places to scuba dive in Ohio and of course there are always several travel trips around the world that offer beautiful places to dive. We are looking forward to meeting you and helping you through the process of becoming certified.

This course is for adults and children ages 15 and over.

Fee for open water Certification course is: $429.00

February Schedule

Open Water certification Feb 13 and 20th 8am-12pm and Feb 14 and 21 1pm-5pm
Discover Scuba Feb 27 9a-10:30a and 10:30a-12p


March Schedule

Open Water Certification March 13-14 and 20-21 same times as Feb class
Discover Scuba: March 6 same times as Feb 27 class

April Schedule

Open Water Cert April 10-11 and 17-18 Same times as other two classes in Feb/March
Discover Scuba: April 24- same time as above

May Schedule

Aqua Gym May 1st and 8th 9am-10:30am and 10:30a-12p

Aqua Gym is for kids 8 years of age to 15 years of age