Program Overview

There are 6 Activate Youth sessions throughout the year for youth 7 – 14 years old that are in need or want more physical activity in their daily routine. Activate Youth will provide children new ways of thinking when it comes to exercise, it will help them to make exercise enjoyable and something they look forward to! We have staff members dedicated to providing a fun, safe environment for children to exercise. Nutritional education is also included into our Activate Youth sessions through healthy snack creation classes and nutritionist led activities.

Program Mission

To help children achieve and maintain a healthy weight, decrease risk factors for disease, make smart nutritional choices, and adopt a fit lifestyle with regular exercise. In today’s world with all of the technology children are getting away from regular exercise. Our goal is to get our community up and moving and it starts with our youth! We are building this program to run throughout the year and encourage previous Activate Youth children to continue on in the program.