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Dear YMCA Family and Friends,


In accordance with Governor DeWine’s order today, March 16th, all Buckeye Valley Family YMCA branches will close at end of business today until further notice.  That means, Muskingum County Family YMCA will close at 9pm this evening, and Licking County Family YMCA and West Licking County Family YMCA will close at 10pm this evening.


I don’t know how many times we can hear “unprecedented” and “never seen before” as we describe the times we are in right now.  Obviously, we prefer that you were here with us, working out like you have been throughout your membership. But during this time, we are asking that you stay with us, not as a fitness facility member, but as a cause-driven member.  As we respond to the needs of our community, we ask that you retain your membership. 


I know not all of you will be able to do that, but if you can we are asking that you stay with us.   What are we doing, specifically?  We are continuing to provide child care for our community.  It’s not long before individuals reach out for support and we are preparing to support them.  We are working with the local hospitals to provide child care for first responders and hospital employees.  We are also focusing on kids who may need food at this time and continuing to serve them through our Healthy Kids Network.


This is why we need you to remain with us.  This is why we need you to stay.   Again, not as a fitness facility consumer, but as a cause-driven leader as a part of a movement we call the YMCA.  We realize the difficulty this poses.  As a result, all bank draft payments for memberships will be deferred until May 1st.  Annual memberships will be extended one month from your expiration date.  Corporate memberships will be addressed with your HR Department.


Your part is critical to our Mission!  Thank you for all you do and for your loyalty to the YMCA,


Edward Bohren

Chief Executive Officer

Buckeye Valley Family YMCA


YMCA Mission:  To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.